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Tori Amos Newsletter

July 30, 2001
Issue #1

she didn't know how to live in a town that was rough,
it didn't take long before she knew she had enough
walking home in her wrapped up world,
she survived but she's feeling old,
'cause she found all things cold

-Strange Little Girl


We're back

Tori is back! has been revamped and relaunched. Her eagerly anticipated new album, Strange Little Girls will be in stores on September 17 in the UK and September 18 in the US. She also has a major US tour planned for the fall. Because you are on this list, you will be the first to know about dates, venues, and ticket information. Also, be sure to look for pre-ordering information in the coming newsletters as well as special announcements (especially if you plan to be in New York in mid-August). We are certain that you'll find that Strange Little Girls has been worth the wait. Read on for more on the album.

About Strange Little Girls

Strange Little Girls is an assemblage of songs written by men but performed by Tori from the perspectives of a diverse cast of female characters. Songs composed by such artists as Neil Young, the Stranglers, Eminem, Depeche Mode, Slayer, Lou Reed, Lennon/McCartney, and others are taken apart and put back together darkly, gently, and in an uncompromising fashion. The result is an album which looks at men, the ways men see women, how men see themselves, and how the view changes depending on where you're standing. Tori says, "I've always found it fascinating how men say things and women hear them."

Audio from Strange Little Girls

In the coming weeks we will be introducing a new character that Tori portrays on Strange Little Girls including video interviews of each character and essays by author and good friend of Tori, Neil Gaiman. The first single, "Strange Little Girl," written by the Stranglers and originally released in 1982, tells the story of a little girl who'd run to a rough town and come back feeling older and colder. The photo above accompanies this song.

Listen to "Strange Little Girl"
(RealPlayer required)

Still to Come

-Check your local news stand for the U.K. issue of Glamour come October
-New Yorkers, please look for an announcement from RAINN and Atlantic Records for a mid-August event
-Keep an eye out for a feature on Tori at Alternative Press

Finally, we'd love to hear your comments on the songs and characters as we introduce them. Feel free to e-mail me at Also, please take a moment to update your profile, so that we can contact you with any local Tori information (you'll find the link below or on the text e-mail if you are on AOL 4.0 or 5.0 user).

Thank you.


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