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Tori Amos Newsletter

August 6, 2001
Issue #2

I crossed the ocean for a heart of gold, I've been in my mind, it's such a fine line
That keeps me searching for a heart of gold, And I'm getting old.

-Heart of Gold
Neil Young
Track 8 from Strange Little Girls


Listen to "Heart of Gold"

Check out this week's featured song from Strange Little Girls written by Neil Young.

"Heart of Gold"
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Your Feedback about "Strange Little Girl"

Thank you for sharing your reaction to "Strange Little Girl" with me. Reading all of your letters made me even more excited about the release of Strange Little Girls. So I thought I would share some of your letters with everyone. Keep them coming. Here are some of my favorite quotes from you about "Strange Little Girl":

"Tori is a brilliant artist, and with a decade of recorded material, she has yet to provide evidence otherwise. The concept alone for "Strange Little Girls" is impressive, and could not be better timed in terms of both social context and Tori's career. So far as I can tell, this CD, in tradition with the other albums, will be executed with fine polish."
-Azusa N., Ottawa, ONT, Canada

"I am so excited about this album....I actually lay in bed the other night dreaming about seeing her live again, and FINALLY adding another "book" of hers to my collection...."
-Jamie I., Tampa, FL

"Tori Amos does a beautiful job on the first single "Strange Little Girl" by the Stranglers, it's almost hard to believe she didn't write the track herself. It fits Tori's catalogue so well. I can't wait to hear the rest of the album"
-Steve J., Chesapeake, VA

Still to come

-Check your local newstand for Mojo and Q magazines in the U.K. for features on Tori
-The Independent (U.K. daily) will also have a feature on Tori coming soon
-London residents, please keep your schedule flexible during the last week of August
-More announcements coming for the other side of the Atlantic next week (details about Letterman and an exclusive NY Times event)

Again, thanks for all your comments. And, please click the link below to update your profile so that we can contact you about shows in your area and exclusive promotions (if you're on AOL you may need to click back to the text version of this e-mail to get to the link).

Thank you.


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