RDTRN Birthday Greetings

Isn't it sucky when your birthday comes along and no one knows it's your special day? If you would like your next birthday announced on RDTRN, just fill out the handy dandy form below (courtesy of our super-fabulous CGI Wizard, Ruud van Melick) and you will get lots of cheery birthday wishes from fellow list members.

Before making any announcements, I always check to make sure an address is actually subbed to RDTRN. If it's not, I assume the account has been closed or the person has moved on and I won't do a greeting. The form will only accept registrations from addresses that are actually subbed to RDTRN. If you want a different (non-subbed) address used in your birthday announcement itself, that's fine — simply add a short note in the comments section and tell me the alternate address you'd prefer — but "E-mail Address" should be the address you're subbed with.

If you change addresses between now and your birthday, don't forget to re-register.

Please note that this form is only for your next birthday. You will have to re-register after each birthday to have the next birthday announced on RDTRN again.

E-mail Address:
State / Country:
Are you a ...? : (optional)
Year of birth: (optional)

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