Some Comments From Folks Who Ordered The RDTRN Shirt
"I love the shirt!" - Zsaj

"I received the shirt and it is my all time favorite. Beautiful. You did so well
Violet. I LOVE the color..thanks for not giving me another black shirt! Also,
the design is so striking...I adore it!" - Mikewhy

"It looks great! I'll definitely have to wear it when I go to shows on the
regular tour so I can meet other people on the list :) " - Dave

"The shirt is absolutely beautiful, my boyfriend is so jealous, it's great." - Julie

"I love the shirt I plan on wearing it to her concert if she comes to st.louis mo
later this year." - Scott

"I got the shirt today and it is so beautiful!!" - Robin

"Thank you soooo much for taking the time to make the shirts up :) They're
absolutely beautiful. I cannot say how wonderful you are." - Dani

"I got my shirt today, and I LOVE it!!! I am wearing it right now!!! :-)
Fabulous!!!!!!!!!! Everyone who has seen me in it has complimented me
on it!! " - Doug

"I got the T-shirt, and I wore it to school today...never before have I recieved
so many questions and compliments... THANK YOU! I love it so much it is
so beautiful...and when the lights went off during the movie in science...the
whole class oohed and aahed cuz the shirt looked like it was glowing." -Jodi

"The t-shirt is gorgeous, I can't WAIT to wear it to the Chicago show!
Woohoo!" - Davy (pre-Chicago show)

"Hey Violet, the teenagers I was perched next to at the Chicago show thought
that the RDTRN tshirt was truly awesome. I got to stand up and model it for
them. :) And they also wrote down the URL." - Davy (post-Chicago show)

"I got the rdtrn shirt today...thanks so really is very beautiful and I
think you did a great job on it..." - Natalie

"Wow, this is nice. I might actually wear this one." - Greg [coming from
Greg, this is the ultimate compliment :) - Violet ]

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