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I do projects to help support this site rather than ask for money outright. This means that whenever I'm having my support drives for ToriThoughts.Org (which I think of as similar to the pledge drives run by PBS), I always offer my supporters a gift to show my appreciation. It makes me feel more comfortable and gives me the opportunity to create unique items for Toriphiles that I can also be proud to have and wear myself. Life's too short to buy poorly-made crap (and there's a lot of it out there). So I'm sort of rebelling against that, in my own way.

Because the gifts are made when I'm actively having a "pledge drive", I only accept donations at those times (except for the rare occasion that someone talks me into accepting something extra). The rest of the time, I don't keep the items around. I always have a few extra items made at the time of each drive to sell when the latecomers start knocking on my door wanting to know if I have any left. But the extras are usually quite limited and go quickly.

So far, the projects have been in the form of t-shirts, but I may do other things in the future. I already do create many other Tori items – earrings, necklaces, boxes, clocks, etc. – but since each must be handmade, they're too time-consuming to make for large numbers of people. I am considering making a few from time to time and offering them here in limited numbers. We'll see how that goes.

The shirts are my own designs – my own art and layouts – and they are printed in a professional shop. Tori has seen them and thinks they're cool. She autographed one of the RDTRN shirts, which I told her I was considering raffling off for the site, and she said that would be pretty nifty, but now close friends are telling me I should keep it as my own memento of a very special meeting. I must admit I have grown pretty attached to it now. At any rate, I'll eventually scan it so everyone can have a look-see and will probably frame it and hang it on my wall eventually.

Anyway, I hope you'll have a look around and will consider helping to support ToriThoughts.Org, either now or sometime in the future.

– Violet xoxox

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