Comments On The 1999 EWF/Toriphile Shirts
I can't begin to tell you how much these thoughts and kind words mean to me...

"Just wanted to let ya know I got my shirts today and they are
fabulous!! The color is great.. thanks so very much for doing this for all
of us ewf and toriphiles.. :-)" — Kim

"I got my toriphile shirt today and i love it!" — Stephanie

"ooo my shirt is PRETTY. I very much like it, and it fits! Yay! I
immediately categorized it as bed-pile-of-laundry. Usually shirts have to
start with the floor and work their way up, but not this one. And the
little sticker is nice too. He and I had an interesting conversation. (If a shirt
is on the bed it's important.) Cheers and thank you's." — Andromeda

"As I sit by the computer with my very own "Toriphile" shirt. I am very comfy
with my pj pants and comfy shirt. This shirt is an excellent idea. I saw
someone in the mall the other day with an EWF shirt that was the other one
you offered. Seriously the shirts are the highest quality and very much cool.
I will wear it to the Sep. 3 show of Tori that I'm going to! Glad I could
support the site and get a cool shirt! Awesome idea! The Faeries united on this
one! Thanks again." — RED [Seeing someone in the mall wearing the EWF
shirt?!!! How cool is THAT? I'd have peed my pants. — Violet xoxox ]

"I just received the long awaited package today and I adore the shirts. I
was kind of getting worried that the colors might end up looking a bit too
effeminate. I, being a guy, wouldn't want to walk around sporting a
t-shirt that looked characteristically feminine, but I was very pleased to
find the actual shades very gender neutral. I got one of each kind, and I
love 'em. I originally ordered one for me and the other for my friend, so
we could wear them to the concert... but I saw them and realized... um, I
want 'em both. Considering I payed for both of them, there's no harm in
just not telling my friend I got him the second one. :) I love these shirts.
They came out very professional, and the design is very very tasteful and
non-amaterish or high-school silkscreeny. I'm very pleased. Thanks a
million. I will wear mine (both of them, but not at the same time) with
much pride. Thanks." — Brian

"I recieved the t-shirt yesterday and I am now wearing it at work." — Will

"thanks for the shirt Violet- it is beautiful. I knew that I had sent more
than I was supposed to but I just figured that you would donate it. But
thanks anyway for sending me back the change." — Julie

"I am going completely crazy trying to get ready to leave on Monday
afternoon to start my journey to Ft. Lauderdale. But I had to email you
and sincerely thank you for the Tori shirts. They are as beautiful as I
knew they would be! They will be perfect to wear on my trip and I
appreciate that so much. Thanks Violet. I wish I could visit CA on
this tour just to hug you, but I will send you a virtual hug instead.
Talk to you soon and thank you so much!" — Mikewhy

"I wanted to let you know that i received my shirt and it's beautiful, a very
nice job. I had ordered a t-shirt for another band from their official official
site and they came the same day and let me tell you my Toriphile shirt is
sooo much nicer. And how can I beat that it's purple?! Now everyone will
know I am a Toriphile :). Thanks." — Anne

"I stopped by my mail box on my way home from work last night, and was
so happy to find that my shirts were in there. Of course I haven't worn or
washed them yet, but I really like them. The Ears With Feet is definately my
favorite, I think because I like the color of the shirt better and the graphic is
just so "in your face". thanks alot for doing this...and please, if you
decide to do something like this again, put my new email address on your
mailing list. I'm very interested." — Amanda

"i got my shirt, great job, it looks awesome :) *notes that she's already
had 3 people ask her what an ears with feet is*" — ami/y

"i recieved my ewf tee friday and wore it all day yesterday! i even went
to a kareoke bar that night and proudly sang silent all these years with
my freind! anyway, just wanted to say thanks much!! it looks great and
fits fine. you rock violet!!" — Val

"Thanks for getting those shirts out :-) I bought both of them and love
them! Thanks for all your hard work- I greatly appreciate it!!!" Sarah

"I just wanted toi drop you a a note and let you know that I got the shirt.
All I can say is 'beautiful'.. I cried when i saw it. I can't wait to show
the world who I am, there to see at the concerts!!!!! Thanks again and
take care." — Mike

"I just got my 'Toriphile' shirt and it is excellent. I love the color,
sort of a muted mauve/plum and the design is 'Fab'! I'm hoping that it's
not too hot in Camden so I can wear it to the concert at the end of Aug.
But even if it is too hot, I'll still be wearing it around my town, so
everyone can see that I am a 'Toriphile'. :) " — Bethey

"got the shirts a couple days ago. I like them a lot! Very nice indeed.
Thank you for all your work Violet! *hug*" —KathyH.

"hey -- got the shirt a couple days ago (finally unpacked it yesterday and
i'm wearing it now) and it's swell! many thanks for doing this -- hope it
worked out well on your end. was the little teapot sticker intentional? adds
a nice touch." woj [Yeah, the stickers were intentional. :) — Violet xoxox ]

"My EWF-shirt arrived today, Friday 13th. That was quick. Great
colour and just the right size." — Thomas

"The shirt is awesome! I was so excited when I got it--I'm sure I made an
absolute fool of myself jumping up and down in the middle of the street after
finding it in the mailbox. But its all OK. Thanks so much for this! I can't
wait to see everyone decked out at the shows!" — Matt

"i got my ears with feet tee shirt today and i love it, i even love the color
of it too and i will be wearing it to the mansfield Mass. show!!
its great to support such greatness and thanks so much..peace and
Toriness." — Louie

"I got back from vacation and found my EWF shirt waiting for me. I was
very pleased with the design and quality of the shirts. I put it on
immediately! My father, who makes shirts for the team he coaches, was
impressed as well. Very nice design too. Thank you for doing this, I'm
sure all the EWF and Toriphiles appreciate it." — Whitney

"Hi Violet, I am amber, and I subscribe to rdtrn...Anyway, I bought the
Toriphile shirt from you, and I just recieved it...I LOVE IT!!!! The color
is gorgeous, and I love the design...I just wanted to let you know that I
have a feeling this is going to become one of my favorite shirts... You did
a great job!" — Amber

"i received my 'ears with feet' shirt today and it is fantastic -- i absolutely
adore it! thank you for putting so much hard work and effort into this, it
was well worth it -- it looks great! tori would be proud!" — Kortnee

"I got my shirt the other day and I absolutely love it. I'm planning to wear
it with pride tomorrow when my boyfriend gets back. He's been getting into
Tori whilst going out with me and the shirt will just convert him. I love the
colour and the design, I hope you'll do more in the future." — Lucy

"we received the shirts on friday and my sister and I both adore them. they
are great, simple and elegant andwe can't wait to wear them to the jones
beach show! thanks again, they truly are amazing." — maryann

"It got here! I was waiting outside, playing my guitar so not to look too
anxious, as the mailman went around my block. (Cuz after you said they
were in the mail...heh.) He dropped off our mail and grrr...nothing. "So
on Monday I'll get it," I thought. Then the truck went speeding back down
our street a few minutes later and half way down the block, he backed up...
all the way to my house and hand delivered the shirt package to me. :o) So I
got it today! I *love* it! (Along with that "new shirt" smell. Mmm!) The
color --the muted plum you were talking about--is just Delish! I'll wear
mine proudly to the concert...thanks a whole bunch, Violet... PS ... Did
you put stickers on the shirts? Or did this one hitch a ride to my house
somehow?" — ~Sarah~ [Yes, I put the stickers on. :) — Violet xoxox ]

"i got my shirt today. it is way cool! thank you so much. i am
looking forward to many curious stares. you rock!" — Christine

"I just got my shirt this morning and it looks great! Thanks so much for
doing this. I'll be wearing mine to the show in Atlanta" — Kirk

"I just received the shirts and they are really nice. This is the first
time I have ordered from you and I am really happy with all that you have
done to keep me updated on how they were coming along without leaving me to
wonder when I would get them. Thank you so much for that. As I said they
are really good looking, good quality shirts and I am happy that I decided to
get them. I look forward to more shirts in the future." — Nicole

"hey violet. i love the shirts!!they are so cute. i'll be sure to wear mine when
i go to see tori on august 31. thanks for getting the shirts out even though
you were sick. hope you are feeling better!" — Heather

"i just recieved my shirt today in the mail. It is such an awesome shirt.
I think i am going to end up wearing it religously. I cant wait for the
tour to begin. Thank you so very much." — Jess

"just wanted to drop a quick line to let you know i got my 'ears with
feet' shirt today. i love it! the color is beautiful and i really like the
bubble-shading-thing on the back. Thank You!" — Sara

"I received the Toriphile shirt today.. Thanks so much, it's
beautifuly! I can't wait for the Sept. 5 Deer Creek show, to show it
off and meet everyone!" — Shandi

"I received my shirt on friday... I LOVE IT... looks great, fits great, good
job... i love it." — Missy

"I just wanted to let you know that I just got my shirt and I love it.
The color is absolutely beautiful! I never bought anything from the
internet befefore so I didn't know what to expect but I am overly pleased
with the price of the shirt, its looks, and your service! You were so
organized and efficient. So thanks again and I'll definitely be wearing it
to the Pittsburgh show!" — Holly

"I got both of the shirts I ordered today. I want to thank you and
let you know I think they are great. I can't wait to wear mine to the
concert. Thanks again!" — Stephanie

"the shirts arrived yesterday... both my sister and i think they turned
out beautifully :) they will be accompanying us to the concert on
august 25th. thanks for putting this whole thing together!" — Heather

"I just wanted to write and let you know I got both my shirts today.
One was for me and one for my sister. I put mine on right away and
took the other to my sister at her work. She went around the corner,
ripped her shirt off and put hers on.hahahah. It was great. We love
them and con not wait to wear them to our concert on Sept. 12 at
Pine Knob. Thank you." — Erika

"i got my shirts yesterday, and i just wanted to say that they are great!!!
i gave one a friend who can't go because her due date is like a week after
the show, and she loves it, too!! keep up the great work! rock on with
your bad self." — Mike

"Got my shirt yesterday! I am very pleased with it! I expected it to be a
more bluish color of teal green, but I like this color fine. I wore it today
and felt very chic! Thanks!" — Daisy Melanie [Originally, the shirts were
more of a peacock blue-green, but Hanes stopped making the color I had
chosen. I had already picked Anvil's "Leaf" as a backup color, since it
was the closest to the Hanes shade in the swatches, and I liked it so much
that I didn't even notice it wasn't a true blue-y teal until I was packing
the shirts up. Ironically, the more green-y teal shade I ended up with was
the color I had in mind when I first designed the shirts. Funny how things
work out that way sometimes. — Violet xoxox ]

"hi violet! i just received my ears with feet shirt, and i have to drop you
a line to say 'thank you!' the design is perfect and the shirt is beautiful!
what a wonderful way to support your site and give those of us in the community a way to recognize each other! i'll be wearing mine
to the detroit show at pine knob for certain!" — ~loria~

"The shirt looks GREAT!! I just got it today and I'm wearing it to work
tomorrow. You did a great job (again) Violet! Thanks a lot!" — Tori

"hey violet! I got my shirt today and I LOVE it! You did a wondrous job!
I REALLY dig the deep purple! Thanks again! :-)" — Nina

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