1998 RDTRN Shirt
In 1998, a limited-edition t-shirt was made for members of the Tori Amos mailing list, Really Deep Thoughts Right Now.

These shirts are no longer available, but a new run may be done with some slight alterations in future months. If and when that should happen, news will be posted to some of the larger Tori lists, so keep an eye out .

For the time being, you can have a look at a graphic of the shirt and read some comments from folks who ordered them.

A new RDTRN shirt (with a new design) will probably done for the year 2000. At the very least, I always announce ToriThoughts.Org projects on Precious Things, ToriNews, and RDTRN and I try to remember to post to RMT-A. Mikewhy usually puts a note up on the Dent for me as well, so if you're a regular at any of those places – and every self-respecting online Toriphile visits at least ONE of those places regularly – you'll know when I'm doing my next "thing".

– Violet xoxox

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