Frequently Asked Questions (shirts)

  • I live outside the US.  How do I pay in US funds?

    Go to your local bank, tell them what you are trying to do (ordering something by mail with payment in US dollars) and they will be able to help you with everything you need. Western Union can help, as well.

  • When should I send my money to make sure I don't miss the deadline?

    The deadline has passed. It's first come, first served for the extras.

  • Why don't you accept personal checks?

    I'm afraid I got burned by bounced checks from a couple of people,
    and the bank charges for each returned check. One person's bounced
    check cost me $38.00 bucks. And that's just ONE check! I can't risk
    any more.

  • Is there tax?

    Nope.  Tax is already included.

  • Is there shipping and handling?

    I have included S&H in the price. The prices for Canada and overseas are slightly more now than they were originally. This is because I underestimated the cost for mailing outside the US.

  • Will the shirts shrink in the wash?

    No. They are Hanes high-quality100% cotton shirts, but they have been pre-washed and pre-shrunk. These are the top of the line in terms of thickness and quality.

  • Can I get the shirt in a different color? or get the design on the opposite shirt?

    Nope, sorry. Keeping track of orders for just one shirt can be challenging enough for one person, and here I'm dealing with two. Throwing more options into the mix would increase the price, not to mention the probablity that I would go insane. I spent several hours at the printer's digging through swatches, looking for nice colors in the exact size ranges I need to accomodate the most people. It is my sincere hope you will be pleased with what I have chosen. If not, maybe you will prefer the next shirt. :)

  • But what if I will only wear black shirts?

    I suggest you head to The Gap or another equally innocuous chain store, buy yourself a black head-to-toe outfit, and only go out at night, because these are clearly not the shirts for you. These shirts are for fans who want to stand out proudly with "antlers on."

  • How come you need to make money?

    Running all the lists and keeping the domain name registered and the site hosted costs a lot of money. A heck of a lot of money. I am on an extremely low income and must devise ways to help pay for the various accounts and software. Rather than ask for donations outright (which makes me feel guilty), I prefer to offer folks something nice for their time and effort and to show that I appreciate their support of the work I do as a member of the Tori community.

  • What is the difference between a Toriphile and an EWF?

    It's strictly personal preference. Some people love the term "Ears With Feet," others can't stand it. So I figured rather than foisting my own preference on everyone (that preference being for "Toriphile"), I'd let folks make their own choice. And if you like both, you may certainly get one of each.

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