Sizing and Shirt Info

Size Scale (Chest)
Circumference of each shirt is the higher number. For example, if you measure a Small shirt from side to side at the armpits or along the bottom, it is exactly 18 inches wide (which translates to 36 inches at the shoulders, chest, waist, and hips). If your chest, waist, or hips measure 36 inches around and you order a Small, you will have a very snug-fitting shirt somewhere in there. If that's what you want, fabulous, but if you like a little room, go to a Medium or even a Large, depending on how much room you like. Remember, these shirts WILL NOT SHRINK -- the size you order is the size your shirt will stay.

Personally, the measurement that matters most to me is at the hips. I hate it when shirts fit loosely at my waist, but are tight over the hips. But maybe that's just me.

These shirts also will not fade or crack (unless you treat them very poorly, like bleaching them or leaving them wadded up on the back seat of your car in the hot sun every day for a month or something). Several people who got my last shirt tell me they've washed theirs over and over and they're still like new. One person has even been wearing hers twice a week for a year!

Quality is extremely important to me. I can't have my favorite people walking around wearing crap. Not to mention how my reputation would the thrashed if I used low-quality materials. No one would ever want my shirts again.

Care of shirts
All silkscreened shirts should be cared for in the same way: always turn shirts inside-out (to protect the design from scraping against the washer), machine wash cold, tumble dry on medium setting.
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