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[Exit 75] Two Toronto Tickets for sale

From: Paula Cotton <bratness@ns.sympatico.ca>
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 17:25:10 -0300
Subject: [Exit 75] Two Toronto Tickets for sale
To: exit75@torithoughts.org

Date: Saturday, August 27, 2005

Section 101, Row L, Seats 15 & 16

<http://www.hob.com/venues/concerts/molsonamp/>http://www.hob.com/venues/concerts/molsonamp/ for a seating chart.

I purchased these off the MusicToday site, and they came out to $99.80 American, which translated to about $125.00 Canadian on my credit card statement. (This included all shipping prices, ticket prices, etc.)

I would like to get the full $125.00 Canadian for them but would be willing to possibly go lower.

In the details for MusicToday on the invoice it says
"Tickets will be shipped approximately two weeks before the
event date; however they might be shipped earlier."

So, it's possible it might not be until beginning-mid August that I get these. So I wouldn't request a paypal payment until whenever I have them in my hands and can XpressPost them out right away. Paypal is definitely preferred though I may consider other options. Just with the possible time constraints, I'd rather an instant payment then waiting for a cheque or money order.

Reason for getting rid of them is simply because I reloaded the page and looked later and found better tickets, but these seats are far from horrible!:)

Drop me an email if you might be interested, and it's pretty much first-come, first-serve. I'll keep whoever the lucky recipient is posted on the arrival of the tickets, when I need the payment, when I send them out, and what the tracking number is.



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