Photo of Tori in ornate 3-D copper frame, her face surrounded by images from her songs: a zebra, peach dress, ring with keys, umbrella, hammer, banana, and daisies; a fuzzy 3-D bee perches on a corner of the frame with wings outstretched
Really Deep Thoughts Right Now: the original Tori Amos discussion list, created in May of 1992 (subscriber info & complete archive)
ToriTour US, EURO, OTHER: strictly moderated announce lists with updates and info on Tori's current tour and appearances
Exit 75: chat about Tori's tour, tickets, meet and greets, carpools, accommodations, etc. with fellow Toriphiles
Story Time: a short fiction mailing list with stories often related to Tori themes (archive available for new members)
T-shirt Projects: help support

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