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[Exit 75] Phoenix pre-sale

From: Lisa071573@aol.com
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 13:49:21 EDT
Subject: [Exit 75] Phoenix pre-sale
To: exit75@torithoughts.org

Looks like the Phoenix pre-sale is another tixtoday screw up... What I've 
been pulling up is section Gold, which doesn't even exist on the Dodge's seating 
chart or according to the people at the Dodge. The lady at ticketstoday, Lisa, 
that I've spoken to twice is a bit of a %^&*. She insists that she has spoken 
to someone with the Dodge and that the Gold section is section 1. The wonam 
at the Dodge said they aren't even selling sections 1 or 7 (extreme right and 
left) - she said those would only be sold later if Tori sells out the rest of 
the venue. I explained this Lisa at TT but she says that Gold is section 1. 
I've told her she's wrong but she just gets pissy about it. She did say she'd 
cancel my order if I wanted though, so just a heads up to everyone - if we find 
out the Gold section is crappy or you don't like what seats you got, demand a 
refund.  Right now I've got Gold, row 8, wherever the hell that is. 

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