This is what the Toriphile graphic looks like. The back design is below.

The front design will be approximately 10 inches wide; the thought bubble on the back is approximately 10 inches.

The "Toriphile" shirt is a beautiful plum-y color. Not purple, but more muted. It's impossible to match the shirt or ink colors correctly using web-safe colors, so what you see isn't exact, but it will at least give you an idea. Some folks who've gotten the shirts said, "They look just like on the site!" and others have said, "You're right ... the colors were nothing like on the site." It all depends on your monitor is set. Both shirts are also fairly dark -- enough that black ink would not have shown up well.

It is also impossible to give an exact rendering of the design online. The thought bubble, shown below, is actually made up of very minute white dots, allowing the shirt color to show through and producing a "third color". (Folks who got the RDTRN shirt will know what I'm talking about.) After mailing the shirts out last year, I got a lot of letters asking, "Hey ... how'd you *do* that?" That's how. :)
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